Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim

What makes our Yeshiva unique?

Ateret Yerushalayim is a yeshiva designed for post-high school students looking for a focused yet relaxed atmosphere in which to grow. Our warm, down to earth Rebbeim are ready to help you have a productive, enjoyable and inspiring year. 

AJ talmidim acquire better textual skills and an increased independence in learning; but more importantly, they develop a deeper appreciation for learning and mitzvos in their lives. Our goal is "Building Life-long Connections" with Torah, Rebbeim, Eretz Yisrael and friends, thereby “Building Foundations for Life”.

Below is a list of the different aspects of the Yeshiva which blend together creating the Ateret Yerushalayim experience. You can click on the paragraph headings for more information.

Our Educational Approach

  • Atmosphere: Focused, yet warm and relaxed- conducive to growth
  • Goals: Emphasis on setting and reaching clear goals, building self-confidence and independence necessary for continued success
  • Incentives:  Missions and challenge programs help students stretch their capabilities to levels previously undiscovered


  • AJ Rabbeim are down-to-earth, accessible and can “relate”
  • Small student to Rebbe ratio guarantees each talmid will find a mentor he can connect with for life

Learning Program

  • Multi-level, staggered morning seder structure with focus on skill-building and independence in learning
  • Afternoon classes offer a wide range of subjects, including life skills, self imporvement, mussar, Jewish history, aggada, practical halachah, chumash, navi and real-life thought-provoking hashkafa topics
  • Yemei Iyun and panel discussions focus on specific topics of vital importance to building a healthy Jewish home
  • World-renown guest speakers
  • The Yeshiva spends every second Shabbos together in a warm relaxed atmosphere, filled with achdus and inspiration. Melava Malka every Motzaei Shabbos
  • Mesibot are highlights of the year. Talmidim enjoy an all-out party in Yeshiva and Rebbeim’s homes, celebrating various chagim, including Simchat Beit Hashoeva, Chanukah, Purim and Lag B’Omer.
  • Rebbeim also host Talmidim for siyumim celebrating their learning accomplishments


  • Monthly Tiyulim: Students enjoy fun and uplifting tiyulim across Eretz Yisrael, blending recreation, enducation, and mekomot kedoshim
  • Bi-monthly field trips: Outings with an educational intent, such as tefillin and tzitzis factories, farms observing mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel, Yad Vashem, City of David, and more
  • Sport Afternoon: On alternating weeks, students take afternoon seder to the local sports complex to enjoy basketball, soccer, or football
  • Kotel: The Yeshiva davens shacharis at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh, followed by a festive breakfast


  • All of our facilities, which include beit medrash, dining room, dormitory, computer room and workout room are located in a converted mansion in Jerusalem
  •  AJ's location combines the centrality of Jerusalem with the pastoral atmosphere of the suburbs, in a scenic, tree-lined residential neighborhood just a 10-minute bus ride away from the central bus station and the city center.


  • AJ provides students with ample opportunity for athletic activities.  In addition to AJs on campus work out room, the yeshiva rents out a local swimming and sports facility one night per week
  • A local sports facility is a short walk from the yeshiva provides basketball courts and football fields.


  • Our students volunteer for Yad Eliezer, packing and delivering food to the needy; and help out in local organizations.

Keeping the connection

  • The connection between Ateret Yerushalayim and its talmidim extends far beyond a student’s time in the yeshiva. We have periodic alumni get-togethers and events.

Accreditations & Grant Opportunities

  • Ateret Yerushalayim is accredited by Yeshiva University, Touro College, Hebrew Theological Seminary and the Talmudic University of Florida.
  • Eligible Ateret Yerushalayim students benefit from MASA grants funded by the Jewish Agency and the State of Israel