Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim

Curriculum & Schedule

Our learning program is offered on many levels, assuring that each student can find a shiur at his own level.  Talmidim learn in small groups with experienced Rabbeim who employ creative and dynamic teaching methods. Afternoons are divided into subject hours of practical halachah, chumash, machshava, life skills, self improvement (mussar) Jewish history, Torah and science, hashkafa, and more. Advanced students have three sedarim of Gemara, to sharpen and strengthen their learning skills.

Night Seder offers a variety of options, including a course offering students accreditation as a Mashgiach Kashrut, with certification from prominent Jerusalem rabbinic figures.

Emphasis is placed on setting clear goals. Students then feel accomplished and gain the self-confidence, and independence that they need to continue to succeed. Incentive programs help students stretch their capabilities and take on the next challenge.

  • Schedule
    7:30 Shacharis
    8:30 Breakfast
    9:00 Mussar
    9:30 Gemara b'iyun Seder
    12:00 Gemara Shiur
    1:00 Lunch
    3:30 Mincha
    4:00 Halacha or Hashkafa Shiur
    5:00 Anything Goes shiur
    6:00 Break
    7:30 Dinner
    8:15 Ma'ariv
    8:30 Gemara, Navi, or Practical Halacha
    10:30 Optional Seder

Thursday night mishmar, is an optional seder where talmidim can learn until late at night with older, more advanced alumni, while tasting shabbos in the air with cholent, and refreshments.