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Dear Rav Jablinowitz שליט”א

I have been intending to write to you for some time; please forgive me for not having done so earlier. I wanted just to say a few words to express our הכרתהטוב for all that you have done to help our son in the time that he was with you.

Two years ago, we were feeling desperate, frustrated, and unable to find any potential way of improving the situation. Our son was failing in school and in his Yiddishkeit, particularly in his self motivation. To his eternal credit, he recognized this. He suggested what I had been hesitating to say to him for fear of rejection - the idea of going to ישיבה in ארץ ישראל . We asked many people, teachers, Rabbanim. We were given names of various ישיבות . We called so many people in ישראל ארץ . Many said not to come, feeling that it was better to keep him here. We felt different. We felt that he needed to go, but where? We planned a trip to go and look around but felt confused about the contradictory advice we had received.

Then, the wife of a חברותא of mine called, she knew of a boy who had done very well at Ateret Yerushalayim. We called him - he called you and then gave us your name and number. We called you and arranged to meet which we did. 

You were understandably hesitant to take our son but you did accept him. You encouraged him, but allowed him space. You pushed him to get up; to get toסדרים in time. He started learning, enjoying, and thriving as he hadn’t done for years. My wife went to see him, as you may recall. She was, of course, delighted. 

And יתברך ה בחסדי , he has gone חיל אל מחיל . When he was here for Pesach, we had much הנאה from him, I cannot tell you. Again, during a brief visit this summer we had nothing but נחת from him, not just in his learning and davenning, but also in his mentschlechkeit.

How much gratitude we owe to you and your הנהלה !  If our son was the onlyבחור whom you had helped so much you would be worthy of enormous praise; I know for sure that he is not the only one. I can only hope that as long as boys need your help that you can continue to have all the כוחות , the inspiration and sensitivity and all the means to continue your הקודש עבודת and that you will have the pleasure of seeing the growing ‘fruits’ of your labour.

רבה הצלחה טוב   כל בברכות  
טובה       וחתימה כתיבה  

Dear Rabbi Jablinowitz and Ateret Yerushalayim staff,

Happy Chanukah and G-d bless you all at the Yeshiva. Thank you so very much for providing the optimal learning, touring, and living environment for our son. My wife and I have entrusted you all to care for our son in our stead, and for this we are grateful.

Also you and the staff have provided the opportunity for him to enjoy the learning, touring the land of Israel, and camaraderie enjoyed with the students and teachers.  It is all good! 

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year, as is well illustrated by your Parshat Mikeitz letter.


Mazel tov to the Rosh HaYeshiva שליט”א

May you have lots of nachas!

I also wanted to tell you how the videos from the past really get me going. They remind me of how much I miss Israel, and the yeshiva. But most important how I miss the Rebbeim!

Thank you for all you have done for me, from the bottom of my heart. I don't know where I'd be if not for my first year in the Yeshiva. Perhaps most significantly for the opportunity to be in AJ for a second year. Words can only express a small amount of how grateful I am.

With hakaras hatov,



  • Rebbeim are always there for us, they know what I need.(AH)
  • AJ is one big happy family. (JH)
  • I enjoy the atmosphere, the guys. (DM)
  • AJ teaches you the building blocks for life. (YH)
  • Good solid learning skills, develop yourself, real relationships with Rebbeim that will last a life time. (RJ)
  • As a talmid in Rabbi Jablinowitz’s shiur, I gained a warm, dedicated, and insightful view into the ways of torah learning, and more importantly, the way to conduct oneself as a frum Jew in the modern world. “ (Alumnus DB)
  • AJ, was my home away from home for several years as I studied in Yerushalayim during the “post high school” era of my life. My gratitude to the Yeshiva, as an institution, and of course to its staff, as individuals, is immeasurable.” (Alumnus AR)
  • Serious learning, serious play, serious tiyulim. (DL)
  • Exactly the place for me. (AG)


  • We were immediately impressed by Rabbi Jablinowitz’s dedication and drive to imbue his talmidim with true Yiras Shomayim and to bring out the best in each of them. We’ve developed a very close relationship with him, and have come to deeply appreciate and respect his work and that of his entire staff of dedicated Rabbeim” (Parent Mr. L)