Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim

Yeshiva Life


Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim, established in 1998, is located on a quiet street in the exclusive Ramot Arazim neighborhood in Jerusalem,  surrounded by lush vegetation and white stoned red roofed villas. All of our facilities, which include beit medrash, dining room, dormitory and exercise room, are located in a spacious double villa.

The Yeshiva provides comfortable, fully furnished accommodations.  The air-conditioned Beis Medrash is large, sunlit and airy. There are laundry facilities, and a dry cleaner that picks up and delivers. The exercise room is fully equipped and includes exercise bike, treadmill and weight machines.Student computers provide kosher internet access.

Mature, responsible dorm counselors ensure that dorm life is a positive part of the educational experience. Our Av Bayit lives on campus, providing round the clock guidance, assistance and a listening ear.

AJ's location in a scenic, tree-lined neighborhood provides a welcome breath of Jerusalem fresh air. We are a short bus ride away from the central bus station and the city center.


Three hot meals are served daily, cooked fresh on premises. There is a special breakfast menu on Rosh Chodesh with bagels, spreads, puddings and rogelach, as well as a delicious Shabbat menu of the highest quality. Maximum effort is made to accommodate special food needs. We have a snack and soda machine, hot and cold water cooler as well as refrigerators for students use.


The Yeshiva spends every second Shabbos together. The warm relaxed atmosphere is filled with achdus and inspiration. Students are free to spend the remaining two Shabbosos of each month with family or friends or to enjoy the warm hospitality of our faculty.  Staff members are available to assist those who need help in making alternative arrangements.  The Yeshiva has a special relationship with the members of the community, many of whom daven with the Yeshiva and invite the students for meals.

There are periodic shabbatonim in which the entire Yeshiva travels to a host community.  Local hospitality is warm and diversified; and host meals are supplemented by a group oneg, replete with guest lecturer and informal socializing.

A highlight of the year is the Tzfat Shabbaton. Rabbeim and students come together for an unforgettable Shabbos in the rarified spiritual air of Tzfat. Nature hikes, tours, biking, and other events are included. If conditions permit, students ski on Hermon Mountain.


An integral part of the AJ experience is developing a tangible connection with Eretz Yisrael.  Trips are designed to be educational, fun and inspiring.

The yeshiva travels regularly to the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh to daven Shacharis.

In addition, approximately once a month the entire Yeshiva, along with members of the staff, spend an afternoon or an entire day on occasion becoming acquainted with sites of interest throughout the country. Previous years' itineraries have included a jeep excursion in Mitspe Rimon, the unforgettable ascent to Masada, an exclusive tour inside Yad VaShem, the Kotel Tunnel tours, paintballing in Kfar Saba, the army assault course in Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet, rafting and kayaking down the Jordan river, Ice Skating and Bowling at the Canada Center, swimming in the Kinneret and Mountain biking in the Negev.

Besides being a fascinating, informative window into the multi-treasured landscape and soul of Israel, a tiyul helps create and strengthen the bonds of cohesiveness and lasting friendship among students.

Special Events

The calendar year is marked by uplifting special events.

Mesibot are highlights of the year where Talmidim enjoy an all-out party in Yeshiva or their Rebbeim’s homes to celebrate various chagim, including Simchat Beit Hashoeva, Chanukah, Purim and Lag B’Omer.

Our Rebbeim also host Talmidim for siyumim celebrating their learning accomplishments, barbecues and play sports with talmidim followed by a picnic in the park.


Recognizing the value of "a healthy mind in a healthy body", AJ provides students with ample opportunity for athletic activities.  In addition, to AJs on campus work out room, the yeshiva rents out a local sports facility Monday nights. Basketball (or football) and swimming every Monday night is a great outlet for students to refresh and recharge themselves. A local sports facility is a short walk from the yeshiva with basketball courts and football fields.


Our students volunteer for Yad Eliezer, packing and delivering food to the needy; and help out in local organizations.