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AJ Tiyul
31 May 2016 / 23 Iyyar 5776

The Yeshiva enjoyed another full-day tiyul on Monday, including jeeping, caving at Bar Kochva-era hideaways, exploring the mountain where Dovid Hamelech battled Golias, experiencing the life of a blind person at the Blind Museum, and finishing at the Bat Yam beach. Phew! What a day!

Rosh Yeshiva in New York
27 May 2016 / 19 Iyyar 5776

The Rosh HaYeshiva will be in the United States this coming week. Rabbi Jablinowitz will be arriving in the New York area: Sunday afternoon, May 29 through Thursday, June 2. He can be reached on his US cell phone at 1-347-277-3293 and looks forward to hearing from you!

Meron Lag BaOmer
26 May 2016 / 18 Iyyar 5776

Students joined the Yeshiva for our annual
Lag BaOmer trip to Meron where we experienced to full range of opportunities at the kever of R' Shimon bar Yochai- the tightly packed prayers inside the tziun; the ecstatic dancing with various Chassidim and
Rebbes, and the famous Meron hachnasas orchim.

Ramot Forest Fire
26 May 2016 / 18 Iyyar 5776

Students who chose to remain in Yeshiva for Lag BaOmer festivities were witness to a large brush fire in nearby Ramot Forest. Following the request of the Fire Department and security forces, the Yeshiva evacuated the building in an orderly fashion until the blaze was under control. Everyone returned to Yeshiva Thursday night- just in time for Mishmar.