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Yad Vashem
17 May 2016 / 9 Iyyar 5776

The Yeshiva visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Memorial on Tuesday. We were led by renowned writer and lecturer R. Hanoch Teller, who focused the students on the central message of the holocaust from a Torah perspective. 
Afternnon classes before and after the visit focused on holocaust history, understanding antisemitism, and understand human suffering in general.
Students concluded the event with an enriched, sobering understanding of this difficult period in our heritage.

New Zman Begins
9 May 2016 / 1 Iyyar 5776

The new zman began with a trip to the Kotel for davening, where we also observed a rehearsal for Yom HaZikaron ceremonies. Students then jumped right into the new zman, before partaking in the Yeshiva's Yom Ha'atzmaut shiur, barbecue, and presentation. We're looking forward to an exciting and action-packed six weeks!

A Taste of Purim At AJ
1 April 2016 / 22 Adar II 5776

Miss seeing the AJ Purim Spiel? Check out the laughs and reminisces  here. Directed by Eiden Tal, starring Avi Feivelson!

Rosh Yeshiva in the UK
3 March 2016 / 23 Adar I 5776

Rabbi Jablinowitz will be in the UK Feb 29- March 3. To arrange an appointment for yourself or someone you know who could benefit from the Yeshiva call the Rosh HaYeshiva on his mobile on 07854-129-184. He looks forward to hearing from you!