Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim

Life Events

Binyamin Friedman
8 May 2015 / 19 Iyyar 5775

Mazel tov to Binaymin Friedman ('04-05) on his engagement to Esther Topas.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes
13 March 2015 / 22 Adar 5775

The entire Ateret Yerushalayim family is shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of our beloved former talmid Benyamin Insel z"l ('98 - '01). We extend our sincere condolences to his son Michoel and his parents Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Penina Insel.  
HaMakom Yinachem Eschem Bsoch Shaar Avayla Tzion Veyerushalayim

Michoel Cooper
27 February 2015 / 8 Adar 5775

Mazel tov to Michoel Cooper ('09-'12)on his engagement to Chava Wiesel

Michael Perlman
17 January 2015 / 26 Tevet 5775

Mazel tov to Michael ('09-'10) and Chana Tziporah Perlman on the birth of a baby girl, Bracha Leah