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Nitzavim 5775
Rabbi Jablinowitz

This week's parsha begins with the words Atem Nitzavim Hayom Kulchem Lifnei Hashem Elokeichem, You are all standing today before Hashem your Gd. Rashi explains (on pasuk 12) that the reason that Bnei Yisrael were standing before Hashem is because they were transitioning from the leadership Read more...

Ki Savo
Rabbi Jablinowitz

BS"D   Parshat Ki Savo   We read in this week's parsha the Tochacha, the rebuke given to Bnei Yisrael of the terrible catastrophes which will result from not keeping the mitzvos of the Torah. In the middle of this section the Torah states (Chapter 28, Pasuk 47), Tachas A Read more...

Parshat Ki Seitzei 5778
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha (Chapter 24, Pasuk 8), Hishamer B'Nega Tzara'as, a prohibition against removing nega'im, impure blemishes, from one's body. However, since Chazal teach that speaking Lashon Hara leads to a person having nega'im, Rashi explains the reason for the very next pasuk, Zachor Read more...

Parshat Devarim – Shabbos Chazon
Rabbi Jablinowitz

This Shabbos is the actual day of Tisha B’Av, while the fast and mourning is pushed off until the next day. The halacha is brought in Shulchan Aruch, Siman 552 Se’if 10, that when Tisha B’Av falls out on Shabbos one may eat meat and drink wine at Shalosh Seudos, and have a meal fit Read more...