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Parshat Vayeishev 5782
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week’s parsha (Chapter 37, Pasuk 3), וישראל אהב את יוסף מכל בניו כי בן זקונים הוא לו ועשה לו כתונת פסים. Yaakov loved Yosef more than his other children and made him a special garment, the כתונת פסים. What is the sign Read more...

Parshat Vayigash 5782
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week’s parsha about the dramatic reunion between Yosef and his father Yaakov. The Torah tells us that Yosef fell on his father’s neck and he cried and cried. The pasuk, though, begins with the words ויאסור יוסף מרכבתו ויעל לקראת ישראל. Their Read more...

Parshat Bereishis 5780
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha (Chapter 2, Pasuk 3), Vayevarech Elokim es Yom Ha'Shvi'i Vayekadesh Oso, Gd blessed and sanctified Shabbos. Rashi explains that the bracha of Shabbos was the double portion of mahn Bnei Yisrael received for Shabbos on Erev Shabbos, and the sanctification of Shabbos was Read more...

Parshat Lech Lecha 5779
Rabbi Jablinowitz

The Medrash Rabbah begins its discussion on this week's parsha (and it also appears in the Medrash Tanchuma, 3) with the pasuk in Tehillim (Chapter 45, Pasuk 11), Shim'i Bas U'Re'i V'Hati Aznech V'Shichechi Ameich U'Beis Avich. Listen my daughter and see, focus your ear, forget your nation and your Read more...