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Parshat Mikeitz
Rabbi Jablinowitz

  The Gemara in Shabbos teaches us a very unique halacha concerning the mitzvah of Chanukah. The Gemara states (Shabbos 23A and Succah 46A) one who sees a Chanukah light should make a blessing upon seeing the light. The Shulchan Aruch concludes that this applies to someone who hasn't lit, is n Read more...

Parashat Vayigash 5777
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha the emotional reunion between Yaakov and Yosef. The Torah states that when Yosef saw his father (Chapter 46, Pasuk 29), Vayipol al Tzavarav, Vayevk al Tzavarav Od. He, Yosef, fell on his father's neck and he wept on his father's neck excessively. Rashi comments on this Read more...

Parshat Vayechi 5777
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha that Yaakov gives a blessing to Yosef and his children. The Medrash Rabbah (97, 3) compares two phrases Yaakov employs (Chapter 48, Pasukim 15-16); Ha'Elokim Ha'Roeh Osi and Ha'Malach Ha'Goel Osi. The Medrash teaches that we learn from here a comparison between Parnasah Read more...

Parshat Noach 5778
Rabbi Jablinowitz

This week's parsha begins with the words Eileh Toldos Noach, Noach Ish Tzadik. The Torah immediately informs us when it mentions Noach's name that he is a Tzadik, a righteous person. Yet by the end of the parsha we read something very different about him. The Torah states (Chapter 9, Pasuk 20), Vaya Read more...