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Parshat Vayigash 5778
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in the beginning of this week's parsha Yehuda steps forward to speak to Yosef. The first pasuk says Vayigash Eilav Yehuda, and Yehuda approached him, referring to Yosef. He beseeches Yosef to allow him to be a slave to him instead of Binyamin in order to save his father Yaakov from despair a Read more...

Parshat Vayechi 5778
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha that Yaakov Avinu tells Yosef (Chapter 48, Pasuk 22), V'Ani  Nasati Lecha Shchem Achad al Achecha Asher Lakachti Miyad Ha'Emori B'Charbi U'Bekashti. Behold I have given you Shechem over your brothers which I took from the Emorites with my sword and my arrow. Seemin Read more...