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Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in the first pasuk in this week’s parsha, Eileh Toldos Noach, Noach Ish Tzadik, etc. The Torah begins by indicating it is going to list the offspring of Noach, but it mentions instead the righteousness of Noach. Rashi responds by teaching us that “Ikar Toldoseihem shel Tzadikim M Read more...

Lech Lecha
Rabbi Jablinowitz

The Medrash Rabbah on this week’s parsha begins by quoting a pasuk from Tehillim (Chapter 45, Pasuk 11), Shim’eeh Bas U’Re’eeh V’Hati Aznech, V’Shichechee Ameich U’Veis Avich. Hear my daughter and see, and listen carefully, forget your nation and the house o Read more...

Rabbi Jablinowitz

 We read in this week’s parsha that Avraham follows the advice of his wife Sarah and asks Hagar to take her son Yishmael and leave his home. When their water supply was depleted and she became afraid that he was going to die, she sits down and cries. An angel of Gd appears to her and calm Read more...

Chayei Sarah
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week’s parsha how Eliezer finds a wife for Yitzchak. The Torah spends much time teaching the details of how he found Rivka and came to her house and explained who he was to her family. Rashi comments on the fact that the Torah details this information and teaches (Chapter 24, P Read more...