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Parshat Vayeitzei 5779
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in the beginning of this week's parsha (Chapter 28, Pasuk 11), Vayifga Ba'Makom Vayalen Sham Ki Va Ha'Shemesh. Yaakov arrived at the place and he stayed over there because the sun had set. Rashi brings the words of the Medrash Rabbah (68, 9) which derive from the words Vayifga Ba'Makom that Read more...

Parshat Vayishlach 5779
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in the beginning of this week's parsha Vayishlach Yaakov Mal'achim Lefanav el Eisav Achiv. The Torah tells us that Yaakov sent messengers out to his brother Eisav before he encountered him. Rashi teaches on the word Mal'achim that we are not to understand the term to mean messengers, but it Read more...

Parshat Vayeshev 5779
Rabbi Jablinowitz

When Yosef is first confronted with the advances of the wife of Potiphar he responds by telling her how inappropriate it would be for him to commit such a sin with her. He tells her (Chapter 39, Pasukim 8,9), V'Chol Asher Yesh Lo Nasan Beyadi, your husband Potiphar, who is my boss, has given everyth Read more...

Parshat Mikeitz 5779
Rabbi Jablinowitz

The Gemara in Shabbos 21B teaches that when the Greeks entered the Beis Hamikdash they defiled all the oils, Tim'u Kol Hashemanim She'BaHeichal. This event is referred to in the song Ma'oz Tzur when we sing U'Fartzu Chomos Migdalai V'Timu Kol Hashemanim. They breached the walls of my towers and they Read more...