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Parshat Lech Lecha 5780
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in the first pasuk in this week's parsha that Avraham is commanded Lech Lecha Me'Artzecha, U'Memoladetcha, U'Mebeis Avicha. Leave your country, your homeland, and your father's house. The commentators ask, why does the Torah say Lech Lecha, go to you; why wasn't it sufficient to say just Lec Read more...

Parshat Toldos 5780
Rabbi Jablinowitz

BS"D Parshat Toldos We read in this week's parsha the blessings that Yitzchak gave to Yaakov and to Eisav. Yitzchak intended to bless Eisav first, but Yaakov came in before him and received a bracha first. When Eisav came in afterwards and realized what had occurred, he cried and begged his father Read more...

Parshat Vayeitzei 5780
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha (Chapter 28, Pasuk 11), Vayifga Bamakom Vayalen Sham Ki Va Ha'Shemesh. Yaakov arrived at the place and he stayed over there because the sun had set. The Torah doesn't tell us where Yaakov arrived, it just mentions that he arrived at the place. Rashi teaches that this su Read more...

Parshat Vayishlach 5780
Rabbi Jablinowitz

We read in this week's parsha that Yaakov sends angels or messengers ahead to Eisav. He gives them a message to deliver which begins with the words (Chapter 32, Pasuk 5), Im Lavan Garti Va'Achar ad Atah. I have been living with Lavan and therefore I have delayed until now. Rashi comments and explain Read more...